Team Ministries

There are many places to become involved at Northside.  Team Ministries are one of these areas of involvement.  Deacon Ministry Teams are designed to assist the needs of church members, visitors, and new members.  Descriptions of these teams can be found on the Deacon page here.

Many other Team Ministries, of which members and regular attendees can become a part, include the Mission Team, which helps the Church fulfill its mission responsibilities locally and around the world.  Some of their duties involve:

  • Enlisting coordinators for the various mission projects of the Church and assist project coordinators in enlisting volunteers for the various projects.
  • Encouraging mission involvement by the congregation. Select materials for and provide educational events and opportunities that focus on regular mission emphases and offerings supported by the Church. Coordinate the placement of special offering envelopes and materials in pew racks with the Worship Team.
  • Recommending to the Finance Committee adequate funding to cover the expenses of mission and outreach projects and organizations. Determine special mission offering goals and communicate to the congregation and church staff.
  • Assisting the staff and congregation to proactively seek and reach out to persons in the community. Enlist church members to assist in follow-up
  • Setting mission fundraising projects, mission offering goals, and the distribution of all funds designated for mission causes.
  • visits to persons that have participated in or expressed an interest in the Church.
  • Making known to the community the life and ministry of the Church.

Some duties of the Worship Team are to:

  • Select a Technology Coordinator who will enlist and train persons to operate the sound, lighting and video equipment for all worship services and special events, and to provide for the maintenance and proper functioning of the technological equipment used by the Church.
  • Encourage the Church in supporting and providing a variety of worship opportunities, and recommend to the staff ways for improving the worship experience.
  • Provide and store sanctuary worship aids.  Regularly maintain supplies in the pew racks.
  • Assist the church staff in selecting and training wedding consultants to work with couples in the planning and performance of wedding ceremonies in compliance with the Church’s wedding policy.
  • Select and train individuals to assist in worship as ushers, worship readers, and other ways of participation in worship.
  • Assist the Director of Music Ministries in the maintenance and care of all musical instruments and equipment.

Duties of the Christian Education Team are to:

  • Coordinate the ongoing Bible study program on Sunday morning and/or at other times as directed by the Church.
  • Assist staff members in the selection of curriculum and leaders for small group and church-wide Bible studies and discipleship programs related to Christian faith and growth.
  • Work with staff members to select and train leaders and workers for Bible studies, discipleship programs, and other special events related to Bible study.

And the Facilities Team duties are to:

  • Coordinating the maintenance and safe operations of all facilities of the Church.
  • To develop and review/revise as needed the policies related to the use of facilities, equipment and properties by Church members, organizations and outside groups.
  • Maintain a written and, if possible, a video inventory of all Church property and equipment including the quantity, location and value of items. The inventory should be updated every three years. Other individuals may be recruited to help with this project.
  • Regularly inspect all buildings, grounds and equipment to insure the properties are suitable and safe for operations.

Whatever your passion – whether it be to participate in a mission effort, the worship service and the supporting activities, music, audio/visual, hospitality, decorating, or even helping to maintain the physical plant – there is a place where your participation will be welcomed!