Sunday School

Why Sunday School?   Because It’s About:

IMG_2423Belonging Sunday School is where we make connections with others. Like home, it is a place of acceptance, belonging, and encouragement. You will develop life-long friendships here that will enhance your life.

CaringWe support one another with our prayers. We share our concerns and our victories with people who have similar life situations. Together, we share answers and ideas.

photo 4Learning–

Sunday School helps you grow in your understanding of the Scriptures in an informal, discussion-oriented session. We learn from each other. Nobody is an expert, no question is too basic. Over time you will grow in the Christian life, develop a deeper sense of principles, and see and eventually become a positive example of the Christian life.

For children, the Sunday School experience is vital in shaping values and virtues that will help them live a life of integrity. Social Science research shows that children who are involved in church are less likely to be involved in drugs, delinquency, and teen pregnancy. They score higher on standardized tests, have better vocabularies, and better grades.   



Doing —

Whether it is fun activities on a regular basis or opportunities to be of service to others in the community, Sunday School is about doing. Putting faith into practice in positive ways helps us to grow and make a difference.