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What if you could find a church that was different?  What if you could find a church that had those qualities we all need in life:  encouragement, joy, and compassion?  What if you could find a church that was just the right size- not too big where you are little more than a number, and not too small where there is not much happening?  Well, the good news is that Northside Baptist is a family of faith just like that!

You will enjoy the people, be inspired by the music, and the messages will lead you to laugh and think.  Here, faith is pratical and interacts with the community and the world.

We are not a perfect people, but that may make us just right for most folks.  Drop in for a visit and you may discover the difference that an encouraging, joyful, and compassionate church can make!

Pastor Jeff Scott and Debbie

Current Sermon Series: 

9:24  Relationships

John 17:18 and Matthew 5:13-14

Next Sermon Series:

Oct 1 Be Humble

Matthew 5:5


Oct 8 Be Gracious

Matthew 5:7


Oct 15 Be Pure

Matthew 5:8


Oct 22 Be Peaceful

Matthew 5:9


Oct 29 Be Bold

Matthew 5:10-11


Sept. 20            Noticeable Character

Genesis 12:1-4, Romans 4:3, Hebrews 11:4-11


Sept. 27            Noticeable Influence

Joshua 1:8, 24:14-15


Oct. 4                  Noticeable Approach to Conflict

Genesis 4


Oct. 11               Noticeable Relationships

Genesis 39:1-12


Oct. 18               Noticeable in Crisis

Selections from Job


Oct. 25               Noticeable in Love

Mark 10:21; Luke 7:36-50; John 11; John 14:29; Romans 8:35-39


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